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With a mix of humour and compassion, Wayde Greer shares his firsthand experience about the relationship between business and mental health.

His goal is to raise awareness about mental health, dismantle stigma, and provide hope to fellow business people with similar challenges.



In a 2012 workplace survey of over 6,600 Canadian employees:

  • 14% of the respondents reported being currently diagnosed with clinical depression;

  • 8% more believed they had depression, but had not yet been diagnosed.


  • 72% of business owners are affected by mental health conditions.

Wayde's Background


Wayde’s entrepreneurial endeavors began in 2008 with the launch of The Mulligan Club, a regionalized golf discount card (without the usual restrictions and hassles) which he began selling from the trunk of his car. Despite its humble beginnings, the card eventually achieved national merchandise approval as a product in Canadian Tire stores, one of the largest retailers in Canada. From there, Wayde purchased a local golf driving range to serve as company headquarters. He made the driving range component of the business “FREE” to all golfers, to purposefully attract his target market for the golf discount program. He sold the business in 2017.


Having never worked in television, and from his mom’s basement, Wayde conceptualized, co-created, produced, and starred in the television series Highways to Fairways. The series aired on Canada’s sports leader TSN, along with Amazon Prime in the US and UK. He was also the executive producer for two feature-length documentaries which aired on primetime television. Wayde was mentored for 10 years by Mr. Kevin Shea, CEO & Founder of YTV, former COO of CanWest Global Communications and former Chairman of the Ontario Media Development Corporation.


Wayde also established the inaugural broadcast deal for The Joe Carter Classic, one of Canada’s most renowned celebrity charity sporting events, and worked closely with TD’s Senior VP, Business Development for four years.

Wayde has sat across from Morgan Freeman at Freeman’s blues bar in Clarksdale, Mississippi for an exclusive televised interview; and was along for the fun when his film crew was selected to record a private batting practice with the Toronto Blue Jays featuring special guest, actor Charlie Sheen. Wayde produced video interviews with Dr. J, Charles Barkley, Bo Jackson, Ozzie Smith, and many more Hall of Fame sports celebs, and was handpicked to produce a segment for NHL legend Gordie Howe’s 86th birthday, by Howe’s sons Mark and Marty.


Wayde is currently the Strategic Business Developer for Mark’s (formerly Mark’s Work Warehouse,) one of Canada’s most recognized brands. In just over 24 months with Mark’s, and through modern social selling tactics, he has built a $16,000,000 sales funnel, while aligning with some of the largest companies in Canada. 


​Chamber of Commerce Business & Community Achievement Awards:

  • Young Entrepreneur of the Year (2010)

  • Entrepreneur of the Year (2011)

  • Creative and Innovative Business of the Year (2011)


​His 2014 event “Hockey Night in Haliburton" in collaboration with The Hockey News, was recognized by former Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Authorship and Advocacy

Wayde is a published Author (Success or Suicide?) and has co-authored a second book (Cottage Succession Planning with a Top 1% Realtor) set to be released in spring 2024.

About The Author Pic-Back Coover.jpg
Wayde and his daughter, Trista

Wayde filming a "steamy" scene from Highways to Fairways

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100% of book royalties donated to Defeat Depression

100% of event ticket sales donated to Defeat Depression
*Net event sales + net royalties

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