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Let's (REALLY) Talk ...

I know why you’re here. I was you, once. You’re looking for a way out of your “9 to 5” because you can run a business way better than the CEO or Manager you’re working under, right? Maybe you just want to make millions and show how savvy you are. Or you want to bring your BIG idea to life, to prove that you can.

Joe Rogan, puts it very simply. If you make fun of yourself or admit you’re a dummy before telling a controversial joke, or in my case, offer up some insight … people should at least be willing to listen because you are admitting your own deficiencies in advance.

I want to tell you everything I did wrong. No PhD, no CEO title; just me – sharing my entrepreneurial pitfalls over the course of 10 years. I may not be a millionaire, but I can provide insight as to where I went wrong in the process. Who knows, one of these chapters may save your company … or maybe even your life, for that matter. This is entrepreneurship (and life) … without the “warm-fuzzies.”

When I was you, I looked for success stories, the trailblazers I could model myself after: Jeff Bezos, Oprah, Shahid Khan, Melinda Gates, Steve Jobs, Jennifer Lopez, Jack Ma, P-Diddy, Warren Buffett, and Elon Musk (my personal fave.) Go ahead, [insert your idol here.] My “go-to book” was Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur’s Soul, by Jack Canfield … what a heart warmer that was. Truth is, success stories are everywhere.

But, have you ever wondered about those adventurers who didn’t make it? Over 7,000 businesses go bankrupt every year in Canada. Where is the book written by one of those founders? The story of an entrepreneur who failed so badly he wanted to end his life? Touchy subject, I know. But, mental illness is a very REAL concern, especially when it comes to running your own business.

My book is not meant to deter you from becoming an entrepreneur, or to suggest you close your current business. It’s meant to open your eyes to the realities behind the successes with no sugar-coating. Those topics most business books don’t touch on. The ugly stuff.

I was you once upon a time. I had a dream (turned nightmare.) This is the advice I wish someone had given me. This is the book I needed as a young entrepreneur. I learned these lessons the hard way, so you don’t have to. Maybe in the end, my calling wasn’t business, but this book.


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